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The Sid Davis DDS, Memorial Dental Clinic

The Sid Davis, DDS Memorial Dental Clinic provides free basic dental care to uninsured patients. Our services and hours of operation depend on the availability of current volunteers.

Please call us at 928-213-5543 for scheduling details.

The Sid Davis, DDS Memorial Dental Clinic is located at 2700 N. Izabel.


Currently, the following services are available at our dental clinic:

  • Full dental exam with x-rays
  • Filling cavities
  • Simple dental extractions (some restrictions apply)
  • Dental cleanings by a hygienist.

Prior to scheduling a dental appointment, all patients must be:

  1. Screened for eligibility.
  2. Seen by one of our healthcare providers. All patients are referred to our dental clinic by one of our healthcare providers.

The Sid Davis Memorial Dental Clinic

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