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Our Story

Our clinic was founded in 2011 by Dr. Henry Poore, a local physician who has practiced medicine in Northern Arizona for over 50 years, his wife, Nina Poore, a nurse mid-wife and founder of Flagstaff’s Citizens Against Substance Abuse, and Bill Packard, co-founder of Full Circle Trade and Thrift. Their vision was to establish a free medical dental clinic for the poor and uninsured in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Bill Packard

Henry and Nina Poore

They are continuing the work of Charles Sechrist, MD, founder of the Flagstaff Medical Center. Dr. Sechrist was dedicated to serving the sick and poor of our community. He was known to keep 50-pound bags of beans and rice in his lobby, with a sign that read “help yourself.” At the end of Dr. Sechrist’s life, he turned to Dr. Poore and said, “I have terminal cancer. Would you take care of my poor people?” Dr. Poore said he would try.

In 2014, the Poore Medical Clinic opened the Sid Davis DDS, Memorial Dental Clinic in honor of Dr. Davis, a local dentist who was also dedicated to serving the poor. Thanks to the generosity of his family, the Poore Medical Clinic was able to establish a free-standing satellite clinic that meets both the dental and medical needs of our community members residing on the east side of Flagstaff.




Dental Clinic

Screening for Eligibility

All by appointment only
Call (928) 213-5543 to schedule an appointment

Our Mission

The Poore Medical Clinic is a community-based and community-supported free medical and dental clinic. Our mission is to increase the availability of healthcare by providing free medical and dental care to low income, uninsured individuals and families living in Coconino County. Most people envision our patients as homeless and jobless, but the majority of our patients are the working poor. To qualify for care at our clinic, an individual must live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Every physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, nurse, counselor, medical assistant, dental assistant, hygienist, interpreter, IT specialist and most office workers are volunteers. There are three part-time paid employees. Together our staff has provided over 6,000 free patient visits to our community members. Over the past four years, we estimate that we have saved our community over a million dollars in emergency medical expenses. In 2013, our dedication to improving the health of our resource poor neighbors earned us the title of Flagstaff Organization of the Year.

Our Organization Changes Lives

We have found that attending to our patients’ medical and dental needs enables them to better their lives. This recent note, from a patient’s family member, typifies our patients’ sentiments:

“Thank you for being the best doctor to my husband.  You cared for him and his health and that’s what he needed.  It made him a better man.  Thank you for being a part of his life.  You are an angel.”

Current Board Members

Amy DeLap, DPT

Theresa Dowell, NP

Dale Hallberg, DDS – President

Tim Howell, CPA – Treasurer

Carey Kastelic

Bob Miller, JD

Douglas Paget, MD – Secretary

Nina Poore, RN – Vice President

Jon Robinson, DDS

David Spence, MD

Lora Trujillo, RN

Executive Director

Eric Walden

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